Welcome on our website.

We are a small cattery in a small village near to Prague.

We live in a house along with our cats, who are full members of our family. Our life is associated with cats for decades. Twelfth year is our great hobby showing our cat friends, and as a bonus we have a kittens sometimes. The priority is for us to raise kittens with beautiful character and type. Very important for us is to find the best home for our babies,  when we try to give them the best possible start in life, lots of love, care and of course quality vaccination, food and housing (including sleeping in bed, common dining, etc.). The only thing that they can’t when goes from us is talking! Sometimes perhaps "Thank God!"

It's a slightly different world, but it brings us much joy and wonderful experiences. With this little bit closer and a different lifestyle - I mean life with relationship
with the cats -
we had the opportunity to meet a lot of nice friends and so for us international shows have become popular social events that give us energy in the daily work responsibilities and other weekdays. To this day we recall the warm feeling of a first Cup of the Best in Show (and already we have enough), but even so, every success at exhibitions is a beautiful and we fully enjoying it.

Intermezzo of Markéta Sr.

My little Markéta – but today she is not little – is a great steward which is popular even in foreign exhibitors and as a mother I am proud of her because she work way up herself. She has my full support and I sincerely hope that one day she will sit behind judge’s table. Feeling for beauty of cats, breeding knowledge and love for showing and working as steward, which subordinated everything else, it gives a good position for her.

Our motto for a wonderful and full life with a cat beauties:

1.    Each cat is beautiful! Each is amazing! Each is unique, just like people!

2.    Each has a soul, mind, and when you let her know that you want understand, you can find a common speech

3.    When the cat is happy, I am happy. When I am sad, the cat knows it and does everything to make us feel better!

4.    When I'm hungry, I'm going to first see if she is not! When I'm not well, I'm going to see if she is not sick! When I'm happy I'm going to do make the same for cat! How many hours away, so then caress!

5.    The cat lives with me where I can go, she can too! They does not have to worry that for pension be put out of the house! We share together good and bad, in sickness and in health, as well as in puberty or in old age. It is a partnership of a lifetime!